Over 30 Years of Combined Business Experience


Bizvantage’s Services division offers a broad range of international expertise and experience to small and medium-sized businesses, primarily in the South East Asian region. We provide webinars, workshops, advisory services, consultations, and add-on services related to areas such as Documentary Credits, Origin and Destination Financing, Collateral Managements, Contracts, Guarantees, Credit Insurance, and more. Our agency services facilitate funding for companies by connecting them with our extensive network of Banking and Financial Institutions. Contact us to learn how we can help your business grow.


Bizvantage’s product wing offers a diverse range of products through its extensive network, including Recyclables, Remelters, Secondary metals, Medical equipment, Thai rice, Engineering and Robotics components, and minerals. We strive to manage the physical flow of these products in a sustainable manner, promoting commercial and industrial development across various industries. Our sourcing practices are transparent and responsible, ensuring that we align with the specific needs of buyers in niche or varied industry types.

Our Offices


Bizvantage Pte. Ltd.

72 Circular Road, #02-01, Singapore 049426


Bizvantage Solutions (Thailand) Co. Ltd.

15 Krungthep Kreetha Road, Bangkok, Thailand 10240

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